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11 Signs Your Anxiety Is Getting Out of Control

11 Signs Your Anxiety Is Getting Out of Control

Do you ever wonder if the amount of stress you're feeling is normal? (Or if it's become more than that)? Read on to find out if your anxiety is getting out of control. 

11 Signs Your Anxiety Might Be Out of Control

Literally every person on the planet experiences anxiety sometimes. A certain level of anxiety isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Believe it or not, research even shows that healthy levels of anxiety are related to intelligence and success. But, excessive anxiety can hurt us more than it helps.

Sadly, people dealing with excessive anxiety often accept it as part of life or even their personality. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Anxiety is super treatable. There is no reason to just put up with it. Read on to find out if your level of anxiety is just a normal part of life, or if it has crossed over into excessive territory.

1.     You (or people close to you) think your anxiety is excessive

This is a pretty simple and subjective sign, but sometimes it really is that straightforward. If you think you seem to be more anxious than other people, you could be right. Sometimes it’s hard to see our own problems clearly, so if people close to you tell you that what you’re experiencing isn’t normal, don’t brush it off. Especially if it’s a person you trust.

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2.     You’re anxious more often than you're not

If you’re anxious most of the day or most days of the week, that’s probably a sign that it has become unhealthy. There is a wide range of human emotions, so if you’re stuck on “anxious” most of the time, you’re missing out on some good stuff.

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3.     You’ve been feeling anxious for a long time

If you’ve been dealing with anxiety for more than 6 months, it's time to do something about it. That’s a LONG time to feel such an exhausting emotion! And just being real, if the problem hasn’t resolved itself in 6 months, it’s doubtful that much will change in the next 6 months unless you take action.  

4.     You worry about a lot of different things

It’s normal to worry during finals week, or if you have a parent dealing with health issues. But if you’re worried about failing a test, that your parents will get into an accident on their vacation, and that your best friend is mad at you all at the same time, you’re probably venturing into unhealthy territory. Especially if there aren’t specific reasons to worry about those things.

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5.     You often feel restless or tense

Anxiety stems from our body’s defensive systems. One result of this protective response is muscle tension. You might not even be aware that you're doing it in the moment, but over time, you'll notice the effects. If you often have neck, back, or jaw pain, it could actually be related to constant muscle tension from anxiety. Muscle tension can also cause feelings of restlessness which make it hard to sit still or relax.

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11 Signs Your Anxiety Might Be Out of Control

6.     It’s hard for you to fall (or stay) asleep

If your brain thinks it's protecting you from threats in your environment, it makes sense that it wouldn’t want you to sleep! Feeling alert and restless alone can make it hard to sleep, but add a flurry of anxious thoughts to the mix and it can be almost impossible. Sound familiar?

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7.     You get tired easily

Being on full alert all the time is friggin’ exhausting! Especially if you’re having a hard time sleeping. If you're feeling overwhelmed by things you used to do easily, that’s a pretty clear sign that something isn’t right.

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8.     You're always low key irritable

When you're exhausted and in a constant state of vigilance, it doesn't leave much energy for things like patience. If you find yourself getting mad about little things or becoming easily frustrated, this could be a sign that anxiety is taking up too much of your brain power.

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9.     It’s hard to concentrate or your mind goes blank

Anxiety really has a way of monopolizing your thoughts, which doesn’t leave much room for Calculus. If your mind keeps circling back to anxious thoughts when you’re trying to concentrate or if your mind just goes blank on you when you're stressed, that’s a sign your brain is being overtaxed.  

10. Your anxiety is hard to control

Anxiety is never a fun feeling. But if your anxiety is so intense that you have a hard time calming yourself down, that’s a problem. Any time an emotion becomes overwhelming to the point that you no longer feel in control, it needs to be addressed. Especially if it's preventing you from doing things you need to do.

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11. anxiety gets in the way of your life

If your anxiety prevents you from doing what you need to do at school or gets in the way of your relationships with friends or family, that’s a definite sign that something is wrong. Emotions that interfere with your life are clearly overwhelming you, which means that you need some help.

If these signs sound familiar, it sounds like the anxiety you’re dealing with has become excessive. And there’s absolutely no judgment in that! If you’re dealing with intense anxiety, I guarantee there is a good reason for it. So don’t feel embarrassed and don’t ignore it. You will thank yourself in a few months when you’re feeling more in control and rocking at life again!

Need help getting that anxiety under control? Check it!

11 Signs Your Anxiety is Getting Out of Control

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11 Signs Your Anxiety is Getting Out of Control
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