Is your daughter overwhelmed and exhausted?

Is she having trouble keeping up with her school-work and extra-curriculars? Is she working so hard that she doesn't have time for friends, family, or fun? Is she hard on herself, only seeing her failures instead of her amazing talent?

Imagine a future where your daughter is happy, relaxed, and confident.

Where she is proud of her achievements and gets excited about challenges instead of discouraged. Imagine her having fun with friends and contributing at home, all while maintaining the grades and extra-curriculars needed to get into a top college.

When your daughter works with me:

She will learn how to deal with stress so she doesn't get overwhelmed. She'll learn to control her thoughts so they help her instead of holding her back. And she'll learn to speak up for herself to get what she needs.



In our first few weeks together, your daughter and I will get to know each other while she learns the skills she needs to take charge of her future. She will learn:

  • Healthy ways to deal with stress so that she doesn't get overwhelmed
  • The basic things she needs to have in her life in order to be happy and successful
  • How to talk to you, her friends, and even herself so that she gets what she needs without feeling like a jerk


After we build a relationship and your daughter is comfortable talking with me, we will dig into the thoughts and fears holding her back from what she really wants. She will learn:

  • How to tell a "fact" from a "fear" so that she can put her energy toward problem-solving instead of worrying
  • How to overcome her fears so that she feels more confident and motivated  
  • How to problem-solve, make big decisions, and even take risks with confidence


In our final weeks together, your daughter will really begin to see herself as the amazing person she is. She will also make plans to maintain the changes she had made after we are done working together. She will learn:

  • How to create balance in her schedule so she has time for everything she needs to be happy now while working toward her future goals
  • What her strengths and weaknesses are so she can apply that knowledge to her daily life, relationships with friends and family, and future career plans 
  • How to see challenges and failures as opportunities so she feels excited instead of discouraged

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